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Giuseppe Mellino was born in Vico Equense, Napoli province, Italy, the 24th april 1985, that very day had a go the most important struggle of his life, to try to communicate with the outer world.

During the birth he suffered a perinatal asphyxia, the lack of oxigen damaged his internal auditory meatus which provoked him an irreversible neurosensorial bilateral deep deafness that compromised his whole central nervous system.

From the very early stages his rihabilitation was addressed to recover the word, together with the dysphasic and dysarthric problems, there were severe movement and behaviour problems.

The understanding of language and the oral expression were definitely and severily compromised together with his full integration in the family and society.

Due to his lack of communication, he started living a life embedded in his deep deafness and ended up isolating himself from the world, slowly becoming an autistic child.

Seen what was going on, the family thought it was a good idea to go back to Argentina and to try a better luck there, that is why they all went to settle in Florida, Buenos Aires province.

Knowing for sure that Giuseppe would not get back his speaking ability, we tried to communicate with him through the sign language matched to images, from that point on Giuseppe started getting interested in the outer world and gave clear signs of an improvement.

The first painting atelier he attended was the Mariela Natborni's one and together with this gentlelady he started showing his pictures locally.

Today Giuseppe expresses his talent in the atelier ''Bermellon'' owned by Andrea Suken and Milca Ronzoni, which is in Humahuaca 4.567, Buenos Aires.

At the moment he has more the 40 paintings and all his work is mainly of acrylic paint on fabric.

His first show open to pubblic has been started in december 2010 and it was a clear success.

In april 2011 closed his second show in the House of Culture of Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires province.

The third and last paintings show was opened in the Garrick gallery, Av. Avellaneda 1.359, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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